What Is Dermablading: How To Zap Peach Fuzz Removal

What Is Dermablading and is it safeWhat is dermablading??? The first time I heard the term ‘dermablading’ I got a little bit excited. It sounded exotic, a bit naughty and very exciting. Then I did some research and discovered that if I wanted to continue to pursue the quest for perfect skin, then dermablading was going to have to become a part of my life. I was ready, having gone through a number of phases with lady shavers and other interesting hand tools, I was pretty sure that anything beat hot waxing those nasty little hairs out of various locations on my body.

You might have vaguely wondered how to get rid of peach fuzz on your face…. If you don’t already know, dermablading – also known as dermaplaning – is a method of exfoliating skin to remove that micro-fine peach fuzz type hair that grows like weeds with some of us. The end result is a smoother and silkier skin, providing you choose the best dermaplaning blades. Go for quality! You may have had a treatment in a spa without really knowing that you experienced dermablading. Spas give it one of many different names and usually I just order it as part of “The Full Monty” when I hit the local one.

What Is Dermablading- How Does Dermablading Work?

First off, if you don’t have peach fuzz facial or body hair growth, you can skip this part. However, if you are plagued with this brutal curse of hair from nowhere, you may find dermablading as a quick solution for peach fuzz removal. If you like the feel of cold carbon or stainless steel in the form of a blade against your skin, you are in luck.

How to get rid of peach fuzz on your face and exfoliate at the same time? That very blade will not only remove that peach fuzz, it’ll rid your skin of sun damaged and dead skin cells. A treatment basically takes a few years off of my face. Your results may vary, but you will get addicted to it.

What It Feels Like

It’s a whole lot like shaving, minus the bleeding and crying. Dermablading is safe, effective and becoming very popular as it is considered painless and fun. Well, fun if you are keen on a blade slicing microscopic skin cells and micro hairs out of your face or wherever. Best of all you can do your own dermaplaning at home using the best dermaplaning blades.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty awesome and I have to say that treatments have not hurt my dating stats, either. However, I can probably still get drinks bought for me at a night club if I wore a paper bag over my head.

Naturally, I’m not that girl. Nor am I the one dancing on a table screaming ‘Look at me!” Well, okay, maybe closer to closing time I’m that girl.

How Safe Is Dermablading?

Well, that really depends. It depends far more on your skin type as opposed to you personality type. So, the real answer is that dermablading works with all skin types. This includes those with sensitive skin.

However, if you are suffering from a sudden breakout of acne – which can really put a damper on most anything you’ve pre-planned – you may want to hold off on your dermablade treatment. The reason is to avoid inflammation or irritation.

If you can handle the pain, go for it. Okay, I tossed that in there. A few zits will screw with your microblading removal results, so wait until your skin clears up before you scrape any kind of blade across that area.

The Benefits of Dermablading

What Is Dermablading

Okay, so I’ve covered what is dermablading, but what are the benefits? Tons actually. There are several reasons why you should consider adding dermablading to your facial or skin care routine. The best ones I can come up with include the following:

  • You will be able to brighten and improve the texture and tone of your skin
  • Plumper, brighter skin, reduces those lines that nastily creep in over time…
  • Hydration and volume-supporting products are better absorbed by skin that has been treated
  • Applying and taking off make up is easier
  • Peach fuzz is gone leaving behind smoother skin
  • There is no recovery period and you can do your own dermaplaning at home
  • You don’t have to reschedule your day after a treatment

Now You Know What Dermablading Is- What Are You Waiting For?

Peach fuzz is no fun, regardless of what he may tell you about how it makes you look. We all know he’s just trying to be nice. The benefits of dermablading are one way to rid your life of unwanted hair, making your skin look radiant, smoother and more attractive. If your plan is to score a few extra points in the office – or just to score a little more often – consider dermablading. Hopefully I have cleared up your questions on what is  microblading removal for fuzz and I have to say, it hasn’t been bad for me, plus you don’t have to go to a spa for a treatment. You can do your peach fuzz removal at home.

What Is Dermablading: How To Zap Peach Fuzz Removal
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What Is Dermablading: How To Zap Peach Fuzz Removal
Dermablading is quick method to instantly remove unsightly peach fuzz. The benefit is smooth, radiant and plumped skin.
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