Pink “N’ Sexy: The Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer

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Sexily Pink: One of the Best Facial Hair Trimmers for Women…If you asked me in a blind test which is the best facial hair trimmer for women chances are this one would be on my short list. What got my attention first about the ergonomic Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer is who manufactured it. I love Philips products and this is another winner in my books.

Another thing I like about Philips is they typically don’t use cute names for their products opting instead to call this trimmer an actual trimmer with perfect precision. I figure that with those three words in the name it has to be pretty good at trimming.

The Best All In One Hair Trimmer Women Need

Philips is also the brand that I feel confident in using anywhere on my body, even if it’s not meant to be used in that manner. Lucky for me the HP6390 is one of the best facial hair trimmers for women that are designed to be used on eyebrows, lips, under arms, legs and bikini area. In a way, when you get one of these you’ve hit the jackpot because you only need this device which makes it a perfect traveling companion.

Easy To Use, Slim Design with the Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer

In my mind the best facial hair trimmers for women must meet three simple criteria. First on my list is design. It doesn’t have to be a scientific wonder but it does have to have a design that makes sense. This Philips product has a slim design that makes it easy to handle and use. Because it’s got simple handling the HP6390 is also easy to clean which is my second check on my list.

I love all kinds of trimmers but if I can’t clean them easily I’m just going to throw them away when they just get too clogged up to trim anymore. This one is different. The third thing I look for is portability. I want to be able to use it in the shower and hopefully under wet or dry conditions. The HP6390 hits the mark on this requirement of mine as it is cordless and uses a triple-A battery.

Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer comes with Attachments Galore

Another thing that makes this one of the best facial hair trimmers for women is the extra things that come with it. As a girl I still like to get pampered and when I buy something I hope there’s a little extra something in the package to make me think good thoughts about what I just spent.

In the case of the Philips HP6390 it’s almost like Christmas all over again.

The Philips HP6390 is called a ‘Precision Perfect Trimmer’ for a reason. Not only does it deliver as a trimmer, it comes delivered with a bunch of nifty extras and gadgets that add extra value to the product. This tool is worth the price of admission as it is includes a precision trimming head, a regular trimming head, an adjustable length trimming comb to trim those private areas to your desired length…and lastly a pair of smart tweezers with an integrated light and an attached mirror to find those tricky suckers…

It works wonders for touch ups. There’s also a cleaning brush for quick cleaning and a protective cap to keep it clean.

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The Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the best facial hair trimmer for women there are a number of good choices out there. Depending on what your requirements are and intended use, you will find the perfect one but for me I need something a little more powerful, sexy and fully-loaded.

Let’s face it, if we could all get along with either hairless skin or hairy skin all over, the need for trimmers would not be as important as it is in today’s society. Besides, I happen to like wearing clothes that show off parts of my body that hair should not be attached to in any way, shape or form.

Because of that I have standards for my trimmers. This particular one scores high on my three basic requirements, design, ease of use and portability plus extras. It all combines to make this the best facial hair trimmer for women.

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