Braun’s Incredible Face 820 Mini System For Perfect Skin Now

When I say this is an amazing women’s facial trimmer I really mean it. Braun created their  Mini Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush knowing full well that they were not only blazing a new trail, but setting the standard for every other other ladies facial hair trimmers.

This is the first ever combination facial epilator and cleansing brush created on the planet. It is engineered as if half of NASA was involved in the top secret development of the two-in-one product.

A Two-In-One Women’s Facial Trimmer That Can’t Be Beat

Braun designed this women’s facial trimmer to be easy to use as well as good at doing the job it was meant for. When it comes to the epilator it has a slim head with a total of ten micro openings. These teeny tiny holes can capture and trim the smallest hair. The cleanser works on removing all kinds of gunk including make-up and whatever else it finds deep in the pores of your skin and it does it with ease.

That’s Amazing Epilation

This women’s facial trimmer provides incredible epilation results. Braun claims it will leave behind up to four Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brushweeks of hair-free skin and the slim design head allows you to use it even in the hard to reach places on your face.

The 10 micro openings will remove hair as small as 0.02-millimetres and as short as 0.05-millimetres. What this basically means is, if you can’t see the hair, either the epilator trimmed it, or it’s going to find and trim the ones you can’t see anyway.

It’s also lightning fast. Braun calls it ‘high frequency plucking’ and I like to just say it beats the heck out of trying to find, locate, grip and pluck anything that small manually with tweezers, a magnifying glass, mirror and bottle of cheap wine.

The Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush is clocked at two-hundred plucking motions per second. That whirring sound you hear in your head is pores in your facial skin releasing hair faster than you can think about it.

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And Some Incredible Facial Cleansing with This Women’s Facial Trimmer

This women’s facial trimmer features the latest technology in a deep pore cleansing brush system which Braun says does the job six times better than the old rub ‘n’ scrub manual method. The brush attachment essentially oscillates working gently to loosen make-up, oil and any other goop that may be hiding in, or on your facial skin.

It does this by simply exfoliating the skin through hundreds of micro-oscillations per minute. Because it is so gentle it is perfect for use on sensitive facial areas as well as with those who may have skin sensitivities.

The Braun Face 820 is designed to deep cleanse loose skin cells away,  purify clogged pores, prevent facial eruptions and allows your favorite skin care products to be easily absorbed deeply into your skin for a radiant appearance.


I use my ladies facial hair trimmer on my upper lip, to touch up my eyebrows and chin. The facial cleanser I use almost anywhere on my face as it leaves it with a nice little tingle which makes me feel as if I treated myself to something special.

Some Extra Details

The biggest extra for me with this Braun woman’s facial trimmer is that I can walk right into the shower with it and multitask as part of my morning routine. Actually, as organized as I sound, I must admit I’m a bit scattered at times so when I’m rushing off to the shower to get ready for work, I’ll take this unit in there with me.

I also like that it works well when used with water, soap, shampoo, cleansing milk, liquid soap or even facial scrub. It requires a double-A battery, but it lasts a long time depending on what you’re trimming and how often.

Ellie’s  Bottom Line

In the world of multi-use products there have been some huge failures and some incredible accomplishments. In the category of women’s facial trimmers Braun came out with a winner when they created this engineering marvel. The slim head design of the epilator works extremely well as it has high-speed plucking action that can remove the smallest hair from a brow line or chin with little effort.

The cleansing brush is a must-have tool for clearing skin of anything that’s attached to it. Both of these uses far exceed the results of manually doing the same task. It’s also battery powered and can work in the shower. If you haven’t already ordered this women’s facial trimmer, what’s keeping you?

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