Best Electric Shaver for Women: The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor!

♥The best electric shaver for women has got to be able to be gentle as well as handle the rough stuff. For me, that happens to be the Panasonic Arc3.

Here’s why…

it’s actually a men’s electric shaver but it is built with a unique design that makes it the best electric shaver for pubic hair. The cool design incorporates not one, not two but three Nanotech blades.

Trust me on this, these are ultra sharp and the extremely thin Arc foil that covers them follows any skin contour it gently slides along resulting in nothing short of a silky smooth shave. My skin loves being caressed by the Arc3. My hand enjoys caressing the Arc3 and because of the design, my hand does not get tired, cramped or tight using it.

FYI, in case you shrink delicately at the though of using a “mens ” shaver, here are my faves for choosing outstanding electric shavers for women who want results.


The Best Electric Shaver for Women For Closeness


The close shave is also produced by the flexible pivoting shaver head. Anything that is described as being both flexible and pivoting gets my attention. It is also one more reason I consider the Arc3 as quite possibly the best electric razor for women’s facial hair.

Did I mention that it not only has ultra-sharp blades in an ultra-smooth foil cover, it also happens to be ultra fast? Well, ladies, hold on to your hats or whatever you may lose when you get your hands on one of these babies.

The Panasonic Arc3  has a motor that makes any other handheld device of mine seem pointless. This shaver has a high-performance linear motor that is capable of completing 13-thousand cuts per minute. That’s, um, staggering.

best electric razor for women's facial hair


Outstanding Performance By The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor


The cool thing is that the Arc3 will maintain that level of performance through a complete charge so you won’t suffer a slow down as the battery fades. Plus there are some added features which make this the best women’s electric razor for sensitive skin.

There’s the very handy built-in pop-up trimmer which guys would use to shape and contour beards, sideburns, and mustaches and a 10-stage LCD indicator for a quick reference to battery charge status. This shaver can be used wet or dry and has a sonic vibration cleaning mode for fast removal of stubble under running water.

This is quite honestly, much more than a great shaver for men. It’s by far one of the most usefully designed and top rated women’s electric shavers for a fast smooth finish. As far as I’m concerned it is one of my top choices as the best electric shaver for pubic hair because it is easy to handle, cuts close and fast.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not always sure I want to try to twist and turn my body into contours I can’t normally achieve after visits to the chiropractor or a week of intense yoga. I’m telling you this to make a point. I’m not fond of having to try to use the Braille method for shaving my pubic region. Sometimes mirrors can help but what really gets the details taken care of is the Panasonic Arc3. If I’m not using a straight razor down there, I’m using one of these – the best women’s electric razor for sensitive skin


Built To Be Tough, Durable And Long Lasting


For me, the benefits are plenty when it comes to using an electric shaver for trimming the most intimate areas of my body.

The main reason why I use a shaver made specifically for men is that it is built to be tough. They are durable. They are designed to be manhandled. This means they will be strong and won’t fall apart or quit at the most inconvenient time.

I want something with a strong battery charge that won’t start to fade when I’m just getting warmed up. I want something that can last as long as me. I want something with stamina and power. I want to be able to shave where I want to and know I’m not going to have to go back for touch ups or to pass over the same area more than once unless I was distracted the first time.

That is why this is one of the top rated women’s electric shavers in my mind. Despite being designed for men by Panasonic!!


The Best Electric Shaver For Women Your Mother warned You About…


The Panasonic Arc3 is the bad boy your mother warned you about but this one will leave you purring like a kitten if you know exactly how to handle it. That is why I think it is the best electric shaver for women, as well as the best electric razor for women’s facial hair for ease of use. You want to feel confident your facial skin will be as smooth as a babies bottom ….

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The Best Electric Shaver for Women is the secret weapon women tuck away in their bathroooms. It's The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor!
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