6 Electric Shavers Women Who Want Results, Will Love!

How appealing do long smooth bare legs look that go on forever… Stunning! Why wouldn’t you think about choosing the best electric shaver that makes short work of your body hair anywhere ladies? These ladies shavers are Ellies favorites…

What Is Dermablading: How To Zap Peach Fuzz Removal

Peach fuzz! You throw your hands up in horror- how to safely remove those offending hairs? Dermablading is for those who suffer the indignity of unsightly peach fuzz . Also known as dermaplaning, this method of hair removal is fast, leaving your skin smooth and silky, soft and rejuvenated.

33 Personalized Gifts For Her She’ll LOVE:)

Stuck for choosing the best gift ideas for that special female someone, family member or your next door neighbor…. Giving the right gift is such a pleasure when you see their face light up with delight as the wrapping paper is peeled away… Sometimes you need a little help in sparking off ideas for deciding what to choose. So with that in mind: Here are 33 Gift Ideas that are sure to please:)

7 Incredible New Safety Razors For Women Who Shave

Forget those lightweight plastic razors Ladies! Sometimes the best razor is a safety razor. The beautifully crafted & weighted designs with chrome plating last you a lifetime. You know, a women’s (sssh, don’t let those boys know) razor that’s designed in such a way to slickly glide down your legs, or, anywhere, leaving you smoothly bare “n” sexy there…

Make Your Own Moisturizing Shave Cream: Easier Than You Think Ladies!

Haven’t we all heard about the dangers of nasty chemicals in personal products… Here’s my super dooper, easy peasy homemade recipe for the most deliciously slick shaving cream that smells good enuff to eat and works a treat. Full of natural goodness to pamper and deeply moisturize your most precious asset, your skin!

3 Best Safety Razors For Women To Shave Legs Perfectly (Safely)

How do you confidently choose the best safety razors for women to shave their legs? Razors which don’t cause horrid rashes or inconveniently strip a layer of skin off, leaving you trailing blood… I consider these 3 amongst the best razors for sensitive skin females can own.

Best Electric Shaver for Women: The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor!

The Best Electric Shaver For Women Your Mother warned You About… and even more surprising, the top rated women’s electric shaver is actually a mens razor. This particular model- The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor – glides effortlessly around and over legs, tight spaces in bikini areas and works a dream result on unsightly facial hair. I never thought I’d say that…..

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