Top 5 Tips Every Woman Needs For Womens Facial Shaving

womens facial shavingHands up, how many of you know everything there is to know about womens facial shaving using what’s possibly the best electric shaver? Just as I expected.

Actually, I would much rather not do it but since I come from a certain gene pool, I am blessed (I prefer to say I am cursed) with the appearance of facial hair. It is never at the right time, either.

I remember the last job interview I had. The interviewer kept staring at my face. I was starting to wonder if possibly I had some schmaltz on my lip. Maybe I had some parsley in my teeth.


I had this strange 5 o’clock shadow looking collection of facial hair that looked hideous in the angle and lighting the interview was being conducted under.

So now I have become an expert on face shaving for women and I will pass on my tips to you. You will thank me shortly.

Tip #1 For Womens Facial Shaving

This should be extremely obvious but some girls still don’t get it.

Do not, under any circumstances, use the same razor you shave your legs with to shave your face.

Let me explain why: when it comes to womens facial shaving, you need to keep dead skin cells from your legs away from your face.The potential of skin irritation or infection on your face is a real possibility. Plus, if you use the same razor, you could just end up cutting yourself or nicking somewhere along your chin line. Always, always, always use a different and new, clean razor on your face.

Tip #2

Use a razor such as the Schick Hydro that is made specifically for a man.

Here’s why you want to go macho with women’s facial shaving: guys razors are designed for use only on their faces. They don’t use them under their arms, on their bellies or legs. In fact, the rechargeable style of men’s razor is often the best bet.

It is fast, shaves closely and many designs feature moisturizing strips or some other gizmo or gadget to protect your skin from just about anything you may think a guys razor could do to you. Plus, they are built tough and I get a rush every so often with the weight of one vibrating in my hand. But that’s a whole different website.

Tip #3 For Womens Facial Shaving

Shaving your face will not turn it into a thick, bushy beard. The best thing about women’s facial shaving is that you can do it as often as you need. And, hair will not grow thicker or grow back quicker. It’s a myth otherwise.

As for the sudden realization that there appears to be some stubble on your face after shaving – that’s just the result of the hair getting chopped off by a blade. Stubble is a signal to guys that they need to shave again. For women, don’t let it freak you out, but the best way to rid yourself of stubble is to – are you ready for this? – shave again. You can use a quality safety razor such as a Merkur if you aren’t keen on the sensation of an electric shaver..

Tip #4

Using A magnifying mirror for ingrown hairsWomen’s facial shaving does have drawbacks and probably the most obvious is the development of ingrown hairs. If you’ve been shaving any area of your body on a regular basis you will likely be very conscious of ingrown hairs.

Shaving your face will be no different. There are ways to minimize the appearance of ingrown and you are probably already using these methods when shaving your legs.

If you shave in the direction the hair grows there should be less irritation which will reduce the chance of having ingrown hair growth.

Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to try it. You could just wax or tweeze those pesky rogue facial hairs but I personally prefer to just zap them off with a razor. It’s close, smooth and when I can make my face feel as good as a freshly shaved pair of legs, I have made my day. And possibly someone else’s depending on what the lunch special is at the office cafeteria.

You may not like the results from shaving your face, but then again, you may….

Ellies Closing Thoughts On Womens Facial Shaving….

I’ll be the first to admit I was not convinced at first that I should shave my face with any kind of razor. It was the last thing I wanted to do because I had fears. I was afraid to wake up one morning looking like the bearded lady at the circus. Then I thought that would still be my fate if I DID NOT shave. So I took the plunge. You can, too. Womens facial shaving is not difficult and worth it in the long run.

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