Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer: The Secret to Quick Hair Removal?

The one question I get asked a lot these days is what I consider the best ladies facial hair trimmer. I blame the interest on my apparent knowledge as a blogger and internet diva where I have put a lot of effort into reviewing all kinds of products used by us women to rid our bodies of unwanted hair to make us feel good.

As you probably already know, I have a collection of razors, shavers and assorted other hair removal products.

Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer

I have a number of brands I prefer and my Panasonic Pivoting Ladies facial trimmer is one of them. They created the   facial hair trimmer with girls like me in mind.

It’s a lightweight trimmer that I can use just about anytime and anywhere to remove unwanted hair on my face, arms, legs or wherever. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t look or sound much like a trimmer and since it is so quiet and quick I can dash off a few hairs gently and painlessly on the elevator, for example.

best womens facial hair remover

Is this the best facial hair trimmer for women? I’m going to put it in my top 3 at the very least and the pivoting head feature sometimes nudges it up into my top two. Panasonic says that the pivoting head gives a close trim because it follows skin contours and adds that the “contour-hugging swing action” of the head sways 10 degrees either side to match facial shaping. I’ve never actually measured the distance this ladies facial hair trimmer will go but I can vouch that it will go the distance when needed…

Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer, Slick, Quick and Easy to Use

When it comes to portable products designed to remove hair, I don’t want some giant monster of a tool that requires as much maintenance as I do.

I want simple, easy and a bit of fun. The Panasonic ES2113PC covers all those bases with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades for long life and a rounded blade tip with superhero sharp and thin blades for precise trimming.

It’s because of these features that trimming is a breeze, and you don’t need to lather up prior to trimming. You can even trim or touch up with make up on, as I have more often than I want to admit.

how to trim hair from your face

The Panasonic Pivoting Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer is Perfect for All Skin Types

This ladies facial hair trimmer is perfect for those with sensitive skin because the blades are hypo-allergenic. What that basically means is that if your skin reacts to the touch of stainless steel in much different ways than mine does, fear not.

You won’t suffer any skin irritation or burns that could lead to other complications if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. For me it means I can zip away all I want and I’m not going to have to apply lotion afterwards unless I’m trying to sneak in some extra moisturizing.

small portable facial hair trimmerWhat really makes this one of the best facial hair trimmers for women is that it is a handy travel size. As it is a portable handheld device it fits well in a travel bag, purse, glove box or lunchbox. Don’t laugh, I’ve stuffed mine in my lunchbox more than once when in a rush.

What’s To Like About this Pivoting Ladies Facial Hair Trimmer…..

As much as I’d like to say I don’t need one, a ladies facial hair trimmer is one of the most important tools in my collection. I like the Panasonic ES2113PC because of the pivoting head and sharp, safe stainless steel blades.

best facial trimmer for women

I also like the fact that it isn’t something you’d be embarrassed to use or transport somewhere to treat an unwanted hair on my top lip emergency. I’ve even used mine in other places other than my face and it trimmed better than I expected. Add to that the fact that it’s a cute little portable handheld device and you’ve got a top runner for the best facial hair trimmer for women.

Would I recommend you get one or two of these? You bet I would. I’ve had mine for months and it still works as well now as it did the afternoon I first tried it. As ladies facial hair trimmer goes, this is a must have.

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