Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision: Best At Home Laser Hair Removal

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They promise permanent results with this truly portable and cordless laser hair remover, Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. I will say that I was a bit skeptical at first, probably because of how small it is compared to some of the other products also used for the same purpose. Well, I was proven wrong from the very first use. Tria sends this product out fully charged so I was able to use it right out of that packaging.

I found it to be very effective in some areas such as hairs that grow on my face around my mouth and on my chin. I wasn’t as successful when I tried it on my underarms. I will say it redeemed itself when I tackled a few hairs on my thighs and where I really found it did the best job was ridding my toes and knuckles of unwanted hair.


Benefits of the Tria At Home Laser Hair System:

  • Professional at home laser system guarantees permanent hair removal results
  • Incorporates the latest clinically proven technology to safely remove hair
  • FDA approved system for using in the privacy of your own home
  • Promises 70% hair reduction within 3 months
  • Permanently disables the hair follicle to discourage hair growth
  • Features fattest treatment time along with an easy to read digital display and pulse counter for superior results
  • Save yourself expensive salon costs by using the Tria in the privacy of your own home


Tria Laser hair removal unit


 The Tria Is Best At Home Laser Hair Removal System

Will it give me permanent results? I’m not sure what timing device Tria uses, but I did have to give my chin another treatment but they do say the ‘permanent’ results usually follow two treatments and that I won’t ever have to shave, wax or pluck again.

Considering I quit waxing and plucking years ago I’m inclined to say they may have part of this right. That being said, even after one treatment the hair that grew back on my toes was much finer than before and my knuckles are still hair free.

Design Features Of The Tria Home Laser Hair Removal System

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal, Hair Removal Laser for Home

The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision has a number of convenient features, the main one being its convenient size. The Tria is just the right size to hold comfortably in your hand whilst tackling those tricky angles on your bikini line or under your arms. It is perfect for removing facial hairs which stubbornly defy plucking.

Indicator lights signal treatment levels and battery life and an effective ventilation system prevents overheating of the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision System.

The Tria Is Recommended By Dermatologists

I would like to point out the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is a dermatologist recommended product and has received high reviews from customers. After six weeks of consistent use, customers have reported significant reduction or disappearance of hair growth. This particular model is often used by women over 40, wanting to stop whiskers. For this purpose, the Precision an excellent tool.

I really like the design and size of this portable hair removal system and have found it to be the perfect tool to take with me traveling as it takes up little space in an overnight bag. While the size is a bonus, it is not for large areas, as I have already stated. Would I recommend it? You bet I would.

Tria Laser hair removal for home use



Best At Home Laser Hair Removal, Tria at home laser hair removal system


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