Top 7 Things You Need To Know Before Shaving Your Pubic Hair

To Shave Or Not to Shave Down There…

That is the question.

Perhaps you have flirted with the idea of shaving your pubic hair or not. I suspect, having talked to a number of my closest girlfriends that we fall into two camps. We either love the idea of having a smooth and hairless pubic area or we throw our hands up and say no way, we love ourselves as we are, natural and as God made us

Shaving Your Pubic Hair: Bikini Lines And Pubic Hair

Surprisingly many women who shave their pubic areas and bikini lines have experienced infections. The body removal hair revolution keeps rolling on…I find it really surprising a recent study has found up to 60% of women who removed their pubic hair have experienced some sort of health issue which may have been the slip of the razor, ouch, tiny little invisible cuts or ingrown hairs which have become infected.
Girsl shave bikini lineWhat was even more interesting is that the study revealed that possibly up to 87% of American women shave, wax, have a Brazilian, a Hollywood- no, I didn’t know what that was either – its complete hair removal from down there, or simply trim their bikini line.

There is a discussion of whether using hair removal creams waxing, or shaving of your pubic area is better, more effective, longer lasting, healthier, less hair growth et cetera and I guess it depends on your pain level tolerances.Personally I like a really good safety razor simply because it’s quick, pain-free and I get immediate results. Granted,  hair regrowth is pretty quick but the instant rewards are worth it.

Here are my seven top tips to think about before shaving your pubic hair.

1)..  Shaving V Waxing Your Pubic Hair

The preferable option for many is waxing but because your pubic hair usually grow on an angle, sometimes even waxing may not be able to pull out the hair completely. If the hair is snapped off, there is a possibility that hair may become ingrown and consequently infected. Because your pubic hair area is generally moist and warmer, and ingrown hair has more chance of becoming infected

At the end of the day there really is no difference in the end result.

2).. Hair Removal Cream For Your Pubic Hair

Hot wax and shaving have similar effects but hair removal creams work by using specially formulated chemicals to dissolve the hair. Hair removal creams leave no physical trauma to the skin, unless you have an allergic reaction to the hair removal cream product.

However, having read the back of a few hair removal cream products, most manufacturers recommend not to use the cream on your pubic hair area as it is so sensitive and vulnerable.

3).. Using A Trimming Device For Your Pubic Hair rather than Shaving Your Pubic Hair

For those of us women who do not want to go as bald as a baby’s bottom down there, there is the option of trimming which is much safer.The good news is you will definitely not getting ingrown hair follicle.

The downside is as your pubic hairs regrow, your pubic hair area can get incredibly itchy and it is not a good look to be caught having a good scratch as you just can’t stand the itching any longer!

If you’re using an electrical trimming device such as a facial trimmer or an electric shaver for women, be very careful about your genitalia. Need I say more….

4)..  Shaving Your Pubic Hair And Being Overweight

If you are an overweight or obese woman, be careful when removing hair from your pubic hair area. A recent American study has found that complications were twice as likely for such women and incredibly 3 times higher if they completely removed all their pubic hair.

This is because being overweight or obese, skin is in close contact with skin and hairs which are short are more likely to be in grown as a may not be held to grow as freely. And because there is less air movement and more moisture, there is likely to be higher bacteria levels which can lead to infection in open pores were hair has been removed by shaving or waxing in your pubic hair area.

5).. Shaving Your Pubic Hair And STI’s

There is also a suggestion that using the hair removal creams, shaving or waxing your pubic hair area can increase your chances of contracting a STI. Why is this you say?

Because your pubic hair removal affects the skin membranes ny opening up both hair follicles and skin membranes, making it easier for the STI virus’s to enter the body.

6).. Shaving Your Pubic Hair And Abscesses

Recent studies have shown that since the popularity of pubic hair removal has soared in the last few years, the medical profession has commented on the definitive increase in infected absences which need to be drained by Lancing. Generally infected hair follicles are caused by bacteria entering the body through the disturbed hair follicle or through skin damage in the genital area from shaving or waxing.

Should you happen to have a seriously infected abscess from your pubic hair removal, you can have it easily corrected by a course of antibiotics or your medical professional can lance the abscess and drain the infection.

7).. Your Pubic Hair: Ingrown Hairs, Are They Dangerous?

Whether you wax or shave, both methods will cause ingrown hairs to appear. Ingrown hairs may appear as you take off a fine layer of the top of your skin and the remaining bit of hair tries to regrow and then grows in on itself.

Whilst an ingrown hair can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and very unsightly they will not put your life into danger.

 7 Things You Need To Know Before Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Many cultures have been removing pubic hair for centuries for beautification and personal pleasure and it is entirely your personal preference whether you are as smooth as smooth down there or you prefer your own “au naturel” self. Certainly with today’s celebrities embracing  the benefits of a bare pubic area whole heartedly and the growth on what seems like every second corner, of Brazilian waxing beauty salons, one could be encouraged to join the “we love bare gals club” and shave your pubic hair.

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