Looking For The Perfect Shaving Cream For The Perfect Leg Shave For Women?

How To Get The Best Leg Shave

The best way to get to a perfectly smooth leg shave women want and I like on my legs has everything to do with what I do before I hit the shower and not so much to do with when I’m actually in the shower. Let me explain how I get the best leg shave women want and what I like for me… It starts with choosing the best products for shaving legs.

Before I shower I like to do a few items of prep to get ready for the shaving part at the end of my shower. Typically I like to keep applying moisturizers on my legs between shaves. This means most nights before going to bed and on days I’m going to be outside in shorts. The main reason is to keep them looking silky and smooth but the practical reason is to keep the skin cells on my legs hydrated.

The Best Products For Shaving Legs: Shaving Creams & Oils

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When my skin cells have locked in moisture following a hot bath or a session in the sauna, they keep my legs looking healthy, sexy and great. During the summer months I am careful to use a moisturizer that has a high SPF factor to prevent sunburn which just dries the skin and makes my legs look horrible.

Benefits Of Exfoliation…

Before shaving my legs, while I’m still in the shower, I give them a good rub with a  scrubber mitt. This removes dead skin cells, opens pores and makes my legs feel alive and ready for whatever else I can throw at them.
I recently bought this gorgeous French Kae Hamman Exfoliating Glove and Oh My Goodness! I am in love with it!

Kae Exfoliating Hammam Glove

My whole body feels alive when I use this mitt in the morning to wake me up. It is EXTREMELY good at removing dead skin and leaving fresh smooth, baby soft skin behind. While I’m mentally dancing around with the tingling sensations this produces, I typically start singing. If you are a WOMAN like me and demand a leg shave women can be proud of, an exfoliating glove is a must in your “beautilicious” routine

I know, who doesn’t sing in the shower, right?

With my legs tingling and warm water splashing all over my wet, nude body I just can help but start belting out something from the 80’s that makes me feel alive. My lyrically knowledge is limited, so I usually make up words, but by then it doesn’t matter anymore.

The fun begins when I turn the shower off and start to rub shaving gel all over my legs. If I’m due for a shave elsewhere I’ll apply the gel to those areas as well, but if it’s just leg day I’ll concentrate on them. If you’re looking for the best shaving cream for women’s pubic area for a bare ‘n’ sexy finish, read on as the gorgeously scented The Art of Shaving Oil with Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of my fave choices.

I have tried shaving creams and foams and although I often prefer to just use water, I have noticed gel allows my razor to glide more smoothly up and down my thighs. Apparently a gel works to soften hair which prevents snagging and tugging. As far as I’m concerned having a warm shower does the same thing. The best shaving cream for women’s legs do have a bit more lotion in them which can be useful if you have naturally dry skin as a cream will add more moisture. That isn’t my problem, so I don’t use them.

How To Get Smooth Legs Without Bumps. Did You Know There Is A Correct Way To Shave Legs For The Best Leg Shave Women Want?


shaving oil for women, Top Tips For A Smooth Leg Shave


I have also discovered that to get the best leg shave women could ever want has to do with shaving from my ankles and working my way up which has radically improved the smooth closeness of my shave. If you wondered how to get smooth legs without bumps, you actually need to do  few things in your beauty routine. Shaving up against those hairs is one of them!

I suspect this has to do with shaving against those hairs which allows the sharp blades of my safety razor to hit the hair more closely and squarely…

Also, I’ve never been afraid to shave in different directions because I think it helps get those crazy wild hairs that don’t go along with the rest and grow in a different angle. Besides, it allows me to use more shaving gel which makes my legs feel wonderful.

After shaving I add a moisturizer to lock in the hydration created from the opening of the pores and the warm shower. You’ll thank me later for this hint. But try to stay away from moisturizers that contain alcohol. Essentially all it does is speed up the process that result in dry skin.

I didn’t get these great looking legs by accident, you know:)

It wasn’t all because of my family gene pool, either. I have to work at it and if you are looking for smooth and sexy legs with the type of leg shave women everywhere desire, by following my suggestions will get you there. The following are some of my fave shaving creams and oils for getting the best smooth leg shave women could possibly ever have….

1).. Proraso Shaving Soap W Eucalyptus & Menthol To Get The Best Leg Shave

Delicious is probably not a word I would typically use to describe a shaving soap, but this one gets the nod.
The Proraso Shaving Soap with Eucalyptus & Menthol has a nice creamy lather and smells divine which helps makes stubble stand up and take notice.

I don’t use soaps often to shave my legs but I will say I have found the texture and “glide factor” on the Proraso Shaving Soap quite useful when its ‘underarm day’ as the texture of the lather really does something with the stubble under my arms. I think it has a lot to do with the slight warm feeling I get from it when I apply it.
The best part about the Proraso being thebest shaving cream for women’s legs, is that I don’t need very much to get full coverage under my arms. A couple of dabs with the tips of my fingers seem to do the trick. As for shaving with my razor after applying Proraso Shaving Soap can I say Woo-Hoo?

Well, there, I said it. This stuff gives me a shave that gets my underarms tingling and usually once that happens it makes me want to cover other parts of my body in the same stuff so I can get a bit more of that tingling feeling all over.

The upside to tingling underarms is that they keep me smiling throughout my morning commute to work where even a little bit of gridlock can’t ruin my day. The downside to the tingle is that it doesn’t last long enough to keep me smiling when I show up late for work.

If you have naturally dry skin you may want to give this shaving soap a try as it provides a bit more moisture to your skin which I’m sure you’ll thank me for later.

Benefits of the Proraso Shaving Soap

  • A refreshing smoothing lather encourages a close and nick free shave
  • Eucalyptus oil hygienically purifies and tones skin and menthol adds that wonderful cooling sensation
  • Features shaving formulations without nourishing botanical extracts and oils to moisturize the skin
  • Zero ingredients of artificial colors or mineral oils
  • Reduces any irritated skin after shaving to zero

best shaving cream


2).. The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil For A Smooth Leg Shave Women ( +Men) Love

It’s a shaving oil and it’s a pretty good one as I can share as well as reading buyers feedback. Aside from the fancy name, the Art of Shaving Pre-Shave oil is pretty impressive in that it contains a scientific formulation of botanical ingredients which includes various essential oils.

This curious combination of components work to soften hair and protect skin for what I call a mighty fine shave.

The oils, in addition to penetrating the shafts of hair to be cut which softens them, it also provides a protective layer on the skin to allow your razor to gently glide across the surface of your skin slicing off hairs as it goes.

I’ll be the first to say I was happy with the way this product works. It makes sense that oil will penetrate hair and provide a barrier on the skin. In fact, the oil is swept up with each stroke of the blade which leaves no residue.

On my legs, legs this feels pretty nice for the best shave ever. It leaves behind a surprisingly smooth shave and soft, supple skin. I still like to add a moisturizer following shaving, but that’s me. If you have sensitive skin you’ll appreciate the fact that the oil provides a protective coat when you shave. The penetrating action of the oil also works to reduce ingrown hairs and various skin irritations including razor burn. If you are looking for the best shaving cream for women’s pubic area, the delicious scent of sandalwood oils will leave you sweetly scented down there…

Would I use this product again? You bet I would. Would I tell others about the great shave they can get by using The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave oil? Normally I’d want to keep my secrets secret but now that I have a website, that idea just doesn’t work anymore so, yes, I’ll tell you about it. Before this website became part of my life I would have held out for something in trade like a dinner or the location of your favorite fishing hole.

Benefits of the The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil:

  • Pre-Shave Oil softens the hair wherever you wish to shave for a smooth and close shave
  • There is no oily residue
  • Blades last for longer
  • PreShave Oil is designed and created from unique blend of pure botanical ingredients and essential oils for that perfect shave
  • Uses natural olive and castor oils for natural moisture
  • The superior choice for all skin types, dry, young, mature and wrinkly!
  • No allergens so perfect for those with sensitive skin wishing for a smooth shave


shaving cream for a smooth shave


3).. Shave Secret Shaving Oil For A Leg Shave Women Swoon Over

Any time I see the word ‘SECRET’ inserted into the name of a product-SHAVE SECRET SHAVING OIL  I suddenly get a bit curious….

Is it a secret because it was originally developed by the military for undercover covert operations or is it called ‘secret’ because it sounded really cool and makes people like me start to quiz the use of the word?

I think it has nothing to do with either of those suggestions because the secret here is what is in the shaving oil.

Which, in a moment is not going to be a secret for much longer. Shave Secret has put together a mixture of 100 percent natural essential oils to do all the work. They soften hair and prepare skin for the gliding action of a razor blade. Just for good measure there’s a hint of menthol to give you that minty smell. I don’t know about you, but having my underarms smell of mint has been helpful on occasion.

The mixture of essential oils provides a conditioning action prior to shaving and a moisturizing effect following shaving. If you want to call it an all-in-one, go ahead. Shave Secret is pretty efficient as well with only a few drops required in order to be ready to shave.

Because it’s an oil with a moisturizer, you don’t need to wash it off as patting the shaved area with a towel is all you need to do. I sometimes don’t even do that. If I’m running late I slip right into my jeans after shaving my legs.

Where this particular shave oil scores top marks with me is that you don’t need much of it to be ready to shave. I highly recommend this product for inclusion in a travel bag as it won’t put a hole in your budget.


  • Shave Secret shaving oil guarantees the most comfortable and results focused smooth shave ever!
  • Enormously reduces ugly shaving rash, nicks, cuts, bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Long lasting value-only 3-5 drops each shave
  • Can be used wet or dry, both in or out of the shower
  • Made completely in America from 100% pure and natural essential oils with a touch of menthol to cool your skin deliciously


top shaving cream


Why Wouldn’t You Use A Shaving Cream Or Oil For The Best Leg Shave Women Crave?

Well, quite frankly there is no real reason! I love my baby smooth bare legs and I really love the swishy feel of fabric as my summery dresses swish around my freshly shaved legs. My safety razor blades last longer, my skin feels moisturized afterwards and that pesky hair regrowth takes just  a while longer to regrow. And , that’s a bonus in my eyes! Even if you don’t like using a shaving cream or oil, you can use soap if you have sensitive skin. So girls, go and get those legs of yours smooth and gorgeous and keep me posted…:)

best shaving cream, top tips for a closer leg shave

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