6 Electric Shavers Women Who Want Results, Will Love!

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My Favorite Electric Shavers Women Simply Must Have!

Every few days I have to get reacquainted with my trusty electric shavers for women. Call it a love/hate relationship if you will. There are times I would much rather have lived in the stone age where it didn’t matter if I had a forest growing under my arms and what looked like barbed wire sticking out all over my legs.

We can actually blame it all on fashion. Believe it or not, there would probably have been no need to be concerned about hairy pits if dresses didn’t start to feature sleeveless styles in the 1910s. That was the time when the shaving razor was not just for the man of the house and if a lady wanted to be seen outside of the house in the latest fashions, a trim of underarm hair was required.

I can only imagine what electric shavers of that era would have looked like. I sense it would have not been as pretty as the cute little battery-operated electric shavers for women we know of today. Read on after the table of electric shavers to learn what each shaver can offer you, I guarantee you will love reading what I have to say. Go on, see you at the end!

Ellie’s Favorite Choices For The Best Disposable Razor Women Love

Women's Razors

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Pearlized Pink Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Ladies with Bikini Attachment

4 / 5 Stars

Remington Ladies / Mens Electric Shaver with Bikini Trimmer, Waterproof Razor Use Wet or Dry for Leg, Underarms

4.2 / 5 Stars

Purple Remington WDF5030 Women's Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

4 / 5 Stars

Gillette Sensor2 Plus Pivot Men's Disposable Razor

4.3 / 5 Stars

COOFO Women's Electric Razor Trimmer3 in1 Waterproof Wet/Dry

4.1 / 5 Stars


Rose Gold Satiny Smooth Shaver by SaikerMan With 5 Shaver Heads

4.3 / 5 Stars

Thanks to popular culture and the start of the revolution built around the publication of fashion magazines, the fact that it was natural to grow body hair got lost somewhere in the 1920s when dress lengths started to drift slowly above the ankles. It was a daring and bold charge into a brave new world. Women were starting to get noticed for things other than being pretty good in the kitchen and bedroom. They were starting to get noticed for being, well, pretty.

By Using Electric Shavers Women Could Bare All

using the best shaver for womens legs for a smooth touch

What really started turning heads were shorter hemlines and longer legs. Since women were already shaving armpits with regularity by this time, it just made sense to keep up with fashion trends and add legs to the routine.
Thanks again to fashion designers, who all must have been men at the time, more and more leg was showing with each new wave of designs. Women only needed to shave to just below their knees until someone (very likely a guy) invented sheerer stockings and dresses turned into skirts and thighs started to feel the magic of electric shavers.

As for shaving those private areas normally hidden within panties, I’d love to blame two or three bikini manufacturers for that stroke of marketing genius, but I can’t.


Believe it or not, Muslim women actually pioneered what we normally refer to as a Brazilian wax hundreds of years ago. Apparently the tradition of Middle Eastern and African women, or more specifically, brides-to-be, is to shave, wax and otherwise strip off all of their body hair prior to the wedding night. Talk about an extreme makeover!

What Do You Think? A Shaved Girl is a “Clean Girl”…

I’m betting average electric shavers will be worth their weight in gold in those days. Thanks to modern science, electric shavers manufacturer’s have continued to push the popular belief that a shaved girl is a clean girl by designing and promoting some pretty amazing looking electric shavers for women utilizing different angles, multiple blades, lotion strips, pretty colors and cute names to keep it fashionable to keep skin bare and smooth in order to make the transition from office pantsuit to evening party dress just a bit easier.

Read up on my Top Tips To Achieving the Smoothest Leg Shave

The Uses for Electric Shavers You hadn't Thought Of...

The diverse selection of razors and shavers has allowed whole new generations of women tackle various locations for hair removal. In addition to the traditional choices of armpits and legs for daily shaving, some of us trim unwanted facial hair, there are some of us with hair on our tummies, even on our chests.

The Beauty Industry Has Pushed Women Into Shaving Everywhere

I could probably write a book on the various ways pubic hair can be trimmed but I won’t. Don’t forget those women who are either recovering from cancer treatments, or are serious trendsetters who shave their heads bald! The world of fashion created a whole new industry with the very first sleeveless dress that has spawned hair removal products and lotions that now fill medicine cabinets around the world.

Which Is Best To Use? Electric Razor or Safety Razor?

When it comes to the choice between hand razor and electric shavers, a lot of it comes down to personal taste. When looking at the options in a practical way, electric shavers probably win the contest as they can be used wet or dry, where a safety razor is only effective as a wet shave implement.

A Wet Shave Will Always Offer The Smoothest Shave

Imagine tearing out the hair under your arms to get a sense of a dry shave with a hand safety razor. However, I have always found I can get a much closer shave, which means smoother skin, with the wet shave of a hand razor balancing on one leg in the shower with shampoo dripping in my eyes. Hey, it’s what I do to look my best in that short skirt I like to wear:) Here’s how to make your own sweet moisturizing lotion

Ladies, if I’ve piqued your interest, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a heck of a ride as we explore the world of the electric shavers and review them for us women!

1). Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Intimate Areas

I am so in love with this electric shaver, the Panasonic Close Curves Wet or Dry Shaver for Ladies! It has four floating, pivoting heads that are designed to give you as close a shave as humanly possible. It has a pop up trimmer and I’ll tell you, since it is 100-percent waterproof there’s no need to fear using it in the shower when you’re running late for that important business meeting or incredibly hot date!

Hypoallergenic Blades, Foils Plus A Special Bikini Attachment

As an electric shaver, it scores high marks for being constructed with nickel-free, hypo-allergenic blades and foils. The added bikini attachment is a nice touch. When Panasonic named this electric shaver ‘close curves’ they had a slick marketing plan in mind and to be honest with you, it worked on me. Anything meant to make the chore of using a shaving razor easy catches my attention instantly.

Delivers 30 Minutes Of Power Shaving with it’s Rechargeable Battery

The best thing about this electric razor for women is that it holds a charge well and takes 12-hours on the charger for 20-minutes shaving time.

Awesome Functionality

Trust me, if the date is worth it, I can get a lot shaved in less than twenty minutes. What intrigued me most is the placement of the shaving heads which is very likely why it doesn’t irritate my skin in ways some women’s electric shavers have in the past. Aside from the awesome functionality of this wonderful addition to any girl’s ‘get ready to go out’ tool kit, I love the fact that it looks pretty.

Pretty In Pearlized Shades Of Pink

The pink color allows me to put it anywhere in my bathroom as it looks as if it was meant to be there. For those of us girls who are a bit on the geeky side, the two-year parts and labor warranty should keep us happy and make purchasing Panasonic’s ES2216PC electric shaver for women, something for the to do list before summer fashions start coming out of the closet.

Benefits of the Panasonic Close Curves Razor for Intimate Areas:

  • Pink n sexy, this Panasonic “Close Curves” Ladies Razor is 100% waterproof for a wet or dry shaving experience you’ll never forget…in the shower or bathtub
  • 4-Floating pivoting head feels amazing as it delivers a close shave with less skin irritation
  • The Pop-up Trimmer removes those unsightly stray and longer hairs in a “whisker”
  • Blades and foils are nickel-free and hypo-Allergenic
  • For a bit of pubic landscaping, there is a bikini attachment included

2). Smooth & Silky Remington Rechargeable Men's or Women's Electric Shavers

When I hear the word Remington the last thing I think about is an electric razor. When I hear that name I typically think of manly things like rifles and guns, but Remington does a pretty good job in the electric razors for women department.

Funkily Sleek and Multipurpose

In fact, the Black Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is one of the multi-purpose, “super” electric shavers in my eyes. Here’s my proof: it’s as good when used dry as it is when wet, so shaving armpits while shampooing hair in the shower is possible. The shaving razor does a lot more than mow through stubble, as it has a built-in cleaning cycle that self cleans it after each use.

60 Whole Minutes of Shave Time Ladies

When it cleans, it also lubricates the razor which keeps it in tip top running condition. As an added bonus, Remington designed this electric shaver in such a way that charging it is simple. You just sit it in its very own charging base and it quietly gets juiced up for the next round.

Battery Life Indicator

There’s also lights on the razor that indicate when it’s time to charge, whether or not it needs a run through the cleaning cycle or, if by chance you need to add more of the magical cleaning solution to it.

2 Flexible Foils = Super Close Shave

The thing I like the best about the Remington is that it has 2 flexible foils that get super close to the skin during the shaving process. Because it has such a great design, you can hold it and get to all those areas you want to shave that may take some extra balance and insurance when using just a hand razor. I do like this electric shaver for women very much. Ssssh, it’s actually a mens razor, but we won’t let that stop us! Once you try it, you will too.

Benefits of the Remington Electric Shaver:

  • A girls gotta love an electric shaver that cleans itself hygienically: Cleaning solution and filter work together to clean shaver after every use
  • Automatically charges in the base
  • Blades are lubricated as it cleans so the shaver runs like new each time
  • Indicator lights tell you when the system is cleaning, charging, or needs new solution
  • Wet or Dry to use in or out of the shower

3). Remington Women's Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

If Remington WDF5030ACDN electric shaversfor women could ever be called yummy, this is it. Remington says it was ‘titanium technology’ that assisted with the design of this tool. I’m more inclined to think that Mrs. Remington got involved and suggested the boys in research and development ask a woman for some input. What resulted was an incredible blend of practical and sensible. This electric shaver has the trademarked Body Contour SafeScreen which I will tell you hug my curves tighter than any spandex I’ve ever slipped into. Plus the blades are lubed with almond oil!

Rechargeable and Lasts For Hours

If you are in need of a quick, incredibly close and unbelievably comfortable shave, the WDF5030 delivers. This electric shaver for women is not only rechargeable, but it has a (also trademarked) 4 blade SmoothCut system that allows for a close shave in either direction

I also love that I can start shaving in the shower and if the phone rings, as normally is the case when I’m in the shower, I can hop out, wrap myself in a towel and spend the next twenty minutes chatting while shaving my legs.

4 Blades For Super Close Smooth Shaving Experience

It shaves almost as close as a shaving safety razor, and doesn’t irritate my skin, especially in those sensitive areas I like to shave every now and again. There are other great features including a red light that tells you it needs to be charged, it’s really easy to clean and it doesn’t miss any hairs.

Ergonomically Contoured For User Comfort

There’s nothing I hate more than having to go over an area more than once because I’m in a hurry and I’m depending on my trusty little electric razor for women to save the day (or night). Aside from being a bit louder than other electric shavers I’ve come in contact with, the contour design which also makes it easy to hold when in use, more than makes up for that.

Benefits of the RemingtonWDF4840:

  • 82% of customers, me included, love our Remington shaver
  • Titanium Technology plus being Americas No 1 brand made me fall in love with this funky little women’s electric razor
  • Body Contour SafescreensTM hugs your every curvy part for a smooth and close, comfortable results
  • SmoothCutTM trimmers let you to shave unruly hair in both directions
  • Looking to shave on the run in and out of the shower like me? This one gives you that option

4). Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry w/ Nanotech Blades

It had to happen. Panasonic created  men’s electric shavers that are so high-tech, that even a girl like me has to get my hands on it to give it a whirl. While it is not specifically an electric razor for women, it’s pretty awesome regardless of whose skin it touches.

Nanotech Blades Elevate Shaving to a Whole New Stratosphere

The key feature Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver is the beautifully polished, mini arced Nanotech blades that puts smoothness into a different category.

It’s the magic of these micro-blades that produces such a smooth shave you’d swear you had just been waxed without the pain and suffering of the heat and sudden tearing away of hair and skin. I’m serious, it doesn’t get much closer than this.

Pivoting Head is Flexible Enough To Get In Everywhere

The pivoting head is adjustable to give you the right angle for wherever you plan on using this shaving razor. It comes complete with a water-infused solution that washes out stubble and debris which helps keep the blades sharp and there’s a lubrication system that baffles me and excites me at the same time.

It can be used wet or dry, and if you have sensitive skin you may want to just stick with using it wet. I haven’t had any problems when shaving dry, but because it does shave so close it could be a bit of a problem for some of you.

Powerful Enough To Plough Through The THICKEST of Stubble

Aside from that, here’s a bit of trivia for you about this tool that is not really an electric shaver for women: The linear motor contained in the Panasonic ES8109S runs at the fastest speed in the electric shaver industry at a staggering 13-thousand RPM. Just imagine how effective and powerful, that could do if it was inside an electric razor for women…. Maybe that’s why many women buy one of these as a gift for their man – so they can get to use it too!

Benefits of the Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver:

  • Super sharp nanotech blades with an arced foil give me the smoothest sexist shave to put me in that mood…
  • Awesome adjustable and pivoting head caresses my curves for the ultimate shaving experience
  • Power anyone? A 13,000 RPM motor gives you a stream of power for the smoothest shave
  • In a rush or like a wet shave, no problem. Use in or out of the shower
  • Pop-up trimmer for detailed grooming to keep you looking your best if you happen to be in the mood…
  • Turbo cleaning accelerates shaver to 17,000 RPM to shake of hair residue that might stick to your blade

5). 5 in 1 Women's Travel Electric Shaver: Clip, Shave, Cleanse, Trim Plus More

Okay, I have to confess. When I’m not living out of a suitcase somewhere at a seminar or conference that my company sent me to because it’s part of my job, I like to use my travel electric shavers for women at home. My choice is the COOFO Women’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Wet/Dry Razorwhich features dual trimmers that can make quick work of an armpit trim, or, as I prefer using it for touching up my bikini line.

3D Head Design With Double Blades

The shape of the shaving razor shields the cutting edge in such a way that it won’t nick or cut me if I’m in a hurry and I get sloppy shaving my legs. The angled head allows for a faster shave and that is why I take it on the road and keep my travel bag handy after I get home.

Rechargeable, Nice and Portable

Since it’s actually intended as a travel electric shaver, it operates on batteries (a pair of AA) and they will last quite some time. I like to load it with new batteries before a road trip and I don’t replace them until it’s time for another out of town event.

Fits My Hand Nicely

As an electric razor for women it is strong enough to put up with daily use as well. I also have to say I’m quite fond of the smaller size of this travel shaver as it’s easy to pack and carry and believe me, when the boss sends me to some of these places, anything I can do to make the trip a bit more enjoyable, I’ll do it.

My On The Road Life Saver – Complete Beauty In 1 Tool!

That means packing the little black dress and some heels in case a party breaks out after a day stuck in an office. With my 5 in 1 multi use shaver cum beauty care gadget, I’m seconds away from smooth and silky which makes this much more than just an electric razor for women to me. It is my road trip lifesaver.

Benefits of the Multi Use Travel Shaver:

  • I love a sharp set of dual trimmers for a quick and smooth shave, especially to get rid of any stray bikini line hairs or missed hairs
  • This is my little “go to” razor when I travel…and at a great low price
  • The angled head for a faster shave
  • Battery operated

6). Rose Gold SaikerMan Satiny Smooth Rechargeable Electric Shavers For Women


I’ll be honest with you. I did not see it coming. The Rose Gold SaikerMan Cordless Electric Razor for women has 5 x 4D completely independent floating heads and one can pop up to be used to trim the bikini line. I just about passed out the first time I used mine for that. Okay, it spooked me when it ‘accidentally’ popped up. It scared me at first then when I regained my senses I realized it was an awesome design feature.

Since both of the trimmers are full size, they can give a girl the closest shave possible wherever she wants to use it. The Satiny Smooth electric shaver for women is also designed for use in wet or dry environments. I’m forever running close to late so I’m using any of my women’s shavers in the shower. Or at least that’s where I usually start shaving my legs.

The curved shape of this electric shaver makes it easy to grip and easy to hold along those curves I’m shaving.It’s actually something a lot of women’s shavers don’t have and that is a sense of design for ease of use and proper contact with skin

The folks at Conair also designed this razor to be easy to clean and to add an extra bonus, they included a cleaning brush as part of the packaging with this product.

There’s a charging stand and light that indicates that it is in the charging cycle. The charging stand is built pretty solid and sturdy and comes with a rubber base so it won’t slide or tip over with a sudden nudge.

Aside from the nifty pop up bikini line trimmer option, I like the close shave that I can get from the Satiny Smooth electric shavers for women. The name pretty much tells you what to expect really.

Benefits of the Conair Satiny Smooth:

  • 2 Independent floating cutters and foils for the closest possible shave in your intimate areas
  • Works for both wet or dry skin areas
  • 2 Full size trimmers: one pops up for neat and smooth bikini trimming
  • Rechargeable and includes a charging stand with charge indicator light
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