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numbmaster cream for hair remoavl

The Weird Reality Of Anesthetic Creams…

Ladies, stop the mind bending pain when body hair is ripped by smoothing on topical anesthetic creams…. Truly, why suffer pain when there is no need to. A numbing cream works wonders, especially in those private areas for all over hair removal

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womens facial shaving

Top 5 Tips Every Woman Needs For Womens Facial Shaving

Hands up, how many of you know everything there is to know about womens facial shaving using what’s possibly the best electric shaver? Just as I expected. Actually, I would much rather not do it but since I come from a certain gene pool, I am blessed (I prefer to say I am cursed) with […]

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epilator hair removal

An Epilator For Hair Removal:7 Steps For Perfect Results

Ah, yes, the wonders of using an epilator for hair removal. For some of us, it’s the one thing we wish was never invented, and there’s some of us in that camp who believe the sole reason for the invention of such a device was for torture. Then there’s those of us who love to […]

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Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub

Ellie’s Top Tips For After Skin Care When Shaving

If you’ve made it this far in my website you’ll know I know a thing or two about hair removal and that includes after skin care for shaving. I admit that it takes a lot of work keeping my long legs smooth and sexy. As much as I’d love to credit good genetics, a lot […]

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Make Your Own Moisturizing Shave Cream

Quick And Easy To Make Home Made Moisturizing Shave Cream I have a love/hate relationship with Winter. I hate how COLD and DRYING it is….but I kinda like how I get to wear long sleeves, long pants and puffy coats that hide a “multitude of sins” read hairy forested legs and armpits. When the weather […]

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