3 Best Safety Razors For Women To Shave Legs Perfectly (Safely)

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best long handled safety razor women can use for a close leg shave

Pop quiz! Quickly, with your hands on the buzzers, name the top 3 best safety razors for women to shave legs with…. Okay, I know, that’s a loaded question especially if you know anything about me. I like to shave my legs, armpits, tummy, you name it. I can and will use any device created by man to get the look that causes any other man to look… at me.

Design Details…

I adore the heavy weight of a quality razor in my hand. The sleek design and the way the light glints of the chrome finish in the bathroom light…

The thoughtful details enhance handling ease when your hands are slippery with soap. The textured handles  stop your hands skating off the razor possibly causing a dreadful gash! The longer handles give a more comfortable grip, especially if you have larger hands as I do.

A Well Kept Secret I’d Bet You Didn’t Know…

I’ll let you into a well kept secret ladies. A longer handle makes shaving any part of your body a hundred times easier. If you’re puzzling over which is the best women’s razor for sensitive skin which doesn’t leave a nasty rash, I suspect you’ll find one of these razors ticks your box!

That being said, I do have some favorites. And, you may also like my tongue in cheek reviews of the 7 best safety razors for women which gives you a broader range to choose from….

Ellie’s 3 Favorite Choices For The Best Safety Razors For Women

Women's Razors

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Obsidian Black & Rose Gold Plated VIKINGS Double Edge Safety Razor W/ Long Handle

4.6 / 5 Stars

Sleek Chrome Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

4.6 / 5 Stars

Merkur Gold or Silver Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

4 / 5 Stars

1) Obsidian Black & Rose Gold Plated VIKINGS Double Edge Safety Razor with a Long Handle

Here’s a valuable hint for you. This is a women’s safety razor. Believe me, this design piece is both a razor and safe to use because as VIKING has created the ultimate shaver from premium high-end heavy duty Swedish materials by people who really know how to engineer a beautiful razor.

Perfectly Designed With A Long Handle For Extra Reach…

VIKINGS designed this with a long handle which they say is ideal for users with large hands but I like the extra long handle as it allows me to reach some areas I’d have to practice up on my yoga moves before shaving otherwise.

Gets In Very Very Close…

What makes this one of the best safety razors for women for achieving results is the double edge design provides a very close shave. I would go as far as to say it provides a very, very close shave. The obsidian and rose gold finish makes it look like a collectors piece but…

But It Ain’t No Toy!

The rose gold and obsidian finish makes it look like a shiny toy but make no mistake, when it gets down to business, this women’s razor double blade apparatus does the business it is designed for.

Not only do the deliberately mismatched blades give you that wet shave which is extra close, but the blades are made in the USA from Swedish Sandvik 13C26 steel. They are designed to last for numerous shaves.

Store Your VIKINGS Odin in it’s Own Leatherette Case

After you have finished shaving your legs, underarms or other private sensitives, the premium shaver can be packed away into this cool Leatherette & alcantara case. The case has a small mirror  plus a pack of complimentary pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blade!

2) Sleek Ultra Cool Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

The things I could say about me and barber poles when I was a teenager! The Feather Professional Double Edge Barber Pole Safety Razor features a long 3 ¾-inch barber pole handle with bar you could do all sorts of moves with…

Swap Out Blunt Blades in A Jiffy…

The Japanese design is such that a twist of the knob at the end of the handle opens the head allowing for a quick blade change. My dad actually used a razor very similar to this when I was younger and I know it was his favorite grooming tool.

Meticulously Made Diamond Pattern Grip Keeps Your Hand On Track- Oh How Divine!

This one is easily one of mine. There’s a firm grip for dealing with those hard to reach areas and the razor has a polished chrome finish. This means it is not a cheap piece of plastic and the double edge design delivers an extremely close shave. That puts it high on my list of the best safety razors for women to shave legs.

3) Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor Is One Of the Best Safety Razors

For Women To Shave Legs With..

I would consider the Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razorof the best safety razors for women because of the track record of the manufacturer and that  this particular one is pretty freakin’ awesome looking. Call it stylish, call it funky, call it gold plated! FYI- it’s also available in silver.

I think it’s one of the coolest safety razors on the market. Franky, I feel it’s the best razor for sensitive skin females can use. Of course, that’s just my biased opinion:)

Double Edged Blades = Slick And Close Shave Where It Counts Most

Like the other two already listed here, this gold plated razor has the double edge blade design which allows for a comfortable and close shave. I’m a fan of moisturizing before and after using any shaving product so it may depend on your personal taste as to whether or not you will be converted to the world of non-electric safety razors.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin Like Me?

Online reviews of this trio of products are general supportive which is another reason why I put them on my list of the best safety razors for women. Depending on what you are actually shaving, you may want to be certain you are not exposing too much blade to your skin to prevent skin irritation or a nick and cut where you least want one.

Quality Speaks For Its Self –  No Cheap Import Product Here Ladies

Are these absolutely the most well designed, best women’s razors for sensitive skin in the world? Probably not, but I can assure you that Merkur is a top notch designer and manufacturer of these products. The first time you get one in your hand you will be impressed with the heft they possess. That is to say, they aren’t cheaply made, nor are they flimsy.

Ellie’s Concluding Thoughts On Using The Best Safety Razors  For Sensitive Skin Females Can Use / Own / Nab…

There is also something special about holding a razor with a longer than a normal handle. It means that you can very likely cover spots you may never have been able to get close enough to give a close shave before. That in itself sends my fave choices of the 3 best safety razors for women to shave legs with into a special category all of their own. While you and I will know them as ladies double edge safety razors, they are also pretty good items for the guys to use as well.

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Every woman loves Quality in a Razor. These Merkur Safety Razors for women tick every box for performance
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