Best Lady Shaver For Close Intimate Shaving Anywhere…

best lady shaver for close intimate shaving anhwhereThe best lady shaver is one of the best ladies electric razors I am in love with! This is not just any razor… I’m talking about the Panasonic ES2216pc Close Curves Electric Shaver and I will tell you why it is one of the “best electric shavers for women”….

The top reason is that it is actually designed for use by women. I know, elsewhere on this website I’ve gone on and on about how much I love using a men’s razor or electric shaver for cutting and trimming…

The reason is because they are well-made and durable for the primary use of a guy dragging a shaver across his face. They make very easy work of the dainty parts of the average woman.

Panasonic Makes the Best Lady Shaver

Excitingly, we get into territory where a shaver manufacturer has finally got it right in designing the best lady shaver for women. Oh, and ladies,this is not your run of the mill, pretty and cute girly razor. Panasonic is well known for being able to design and create quality shaving tools for both sexes.

The Panasonic ES2216pc Close Curves model is an example of a great women’s electric shaver.

It uses a total of 4 independently floating heads which allow for contour hugging closeness you can only get with lips or fingertips.

The pivoting head just adds to the excitement and quality of the shave.

Get The Closest Trim on Your Private Areas…

Here’s where hair removal gets extremely more interesting. This example of one of the best wet and dry lady shavers comes with a snap-on bikini trimmer attachment.

The Panasonic ES2216pc Close Curves has length settings to help you trim your private area down to different lengths ranging from “There” and “Barely There” to “Almost Gone” to “Woo-Hoo” with just a flick and a click.

The trick to the complete wet and dry lady shaver is that it contains super-sharp hypo-allergenic inner blades. What this means is sensitive skin will be gently kissed. Tougher skin will be gently kissed.

In other words, we all get gently kissed, reducing the potential of skin irritation. Ladies electric razor reviews all commented on the lack of skin irritation which in my book, gets top marks. We don’t want chicken bumpy, red skin that looks like we have been flayed thanks!

Yes, You Can Use the Panasonic Best Lady Shaver Wet or Dry

Another win for the Panasonic ES2216pc Close Curves is that it can be used either wet or dry so shower use is a-ok. Shower use when the water is running is also just fine.

You can even shave in a bath tub with foam, gel or soap as lather. I’m not big on shaving when dry unless I moisturize first, so wet shaving is an option I really enjoy.

Panasonic also designed this wet and dry lady shaver to be easy for women to use with a user-friendly shape and grip. It is lightweight so you can shave more without having to switch hands, or call in for back up.

The Panasonic Close Curves is Lightweight

Speaking of lightweight, the Panasonic Close Curves weighs only .36-pounds, that even less than a half pound and a full charge will last about 20-minutes so maybe not enough time for a full body scan, but plenty of time to get whatever trimming or shaving you need done while in the shower or a bath.

This best lady shaver comes packaged with the bikini trimmer attachment and a compact, space-saving charger.

Ellie’s Conclusions On The Best Lady Shaver

I highly recommend this product based on my simple criteria.

Number One: it is a rechargeable that can be used wet or dry.

Number Two: it’s the best ladies electric razor that shaves fast and close. The pivoting 4 head system that makes the average guy super shaver awesome does the same for this model made for women. Ladies electric razor reviews of the Close Curves ES2216PC are, as one lady so beautifully said it: life changing.

Number Three: it’s not a flimsy piece of cheap plastic that is going to fall apart just when you are trimming ‘down there’ for a hot date.

Number Four: it’s not the cheapest product out there but it’s not the most expensive, either. Quality in this case can be measured somewhat with sticker price. This is the best ladies electric razor and it is worth every penny you will spend on it.

Number Five: online ladies electric razor reviews are as fond of this product as I am. I did not get paid to say that. And finally,

Number Six: once you try this you will want to remember that the closest shave you have ever had on your pubic region next to a blade came from an electric razor named Panasonic. There is no other way to put it other than to say the Panasonic Close Curves product is the best lady shaver you will find.

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