The Weird Reality Of Anesthetic Creams… Yes, They Work…

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Topical anesthetic creams are pretty amazing stuff. I’m not sure how long it’s been around but I can tell you that as a teenager I really could have used a tube of this. Essentially it is used to numb the surface of a selected body part.

The magic that does all the work is a natural chemical cocaine  that comes from the coca plant and is commonly used for various medical procedures.

It has many names and is probably best known as Lidocaine or by my pet nickname of ‘the dull stuff.’ Read on past the table to learn more as we review each anesthetic cream featured.

Top 4 Numbing Creams

Anesthetic Creams

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

UberNumb (4 oz) 5% Lidocaine , Pain Relief Cream, Lidocaine Ointment, Numbing Cream

4.4 / 5 Stars


HempCaine Hemp Pain Relief Cream with 4% Lidocaine - 1000mg Topical Pain Cream

4.2 / 5 Stars


Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Maximum Strength Topical Numbing Cream for Painkilling

4.2 / 5 Stars

Numb25 Lidocaine 5% Topical Numbing Cream, Max Strength 4.38oz Painkilling Anesthetic Ointment Rub

4.9 / 5 Stars

Ellie's Little Topical Anesthetic Cream Practical Joke....:)

Topical anesthetic creams come in many forms including creams, ointments, aerosol sprays, lotions and jellies. I must admit I was not being very professional in one job I had years ago when I rubbed a little outside the rim of the coffee cup of a co-worker who was a real jerk. I know, I should have gone to management to complain but he was my manager.

The cream I used numbed his lower lip to the point that he dribbled coffee all over the office and himself, was found drooling in the corner at one point and was laughed at for slurring words which promptly put him in the office of his supervisor who suspected the coffee was spiked. Long story, short, the jerk never grabbed my ass again.

Best topical anesthetic, anesthetic creams,anesthetic gel
Stop Waxing And Laser Hair Removal Pain With Anesthetic Cream

Would I recommend using a topical anesthetic for that purpose? Probably never again, but it sure felt pretty good at the time. What I have discovered the best use of topical anesthetic cream in my current life is to assist me with hair removal. Let me explain how that works.

We Don’t Need To be Brave

Suppose you aren’t as brave as me when it comes to shooting atom-smashing pulses of light at your crotch because it stings a bit. Okay, I’ll give you that. The first time I did it I thought I may have surgically removed something by accident.

If that gives you the willies and you still desire the bare look because Ramón at the salon said all the cool girls are doing it, then by all means slap some topical anesthetic down there and get to work waving the laser light hair remover.

The Benefits of Anesthetic Creams are Many

Trust me, the laser will work and if you applied the topical anesthetic cream in the right place you won’t feel a thing. Even if you accidentally set your crotch on fire, the cream will numb you to the point you will only be clued in if you actually replaced the batteries to your smoke alarm. Believe me, you don’t want firemen rushing to your aid when you have no feeling between your legs. It was not how I pictured myself when it happened to me. If you’d rather use a good ole fashioned safety razor, check out these 7 razors.

Numbing Action takes Place In A Few Minutes

The good news is that after liberally applying topical anesthetic creams, being mindful to actually read and follow instructions, you’ll notice a numbing in a few minutes and depending on your individual skin sensitivity, you could find yourself without feeling for several minutes or hours. This is why I strongly caution you to read and follow the written material the accompanies these ointments and lotions.

Top Lips or Bikini Lines Can Be Incredibly PAINFUL when Hair Ripped is Out

If you are a bit squeamish about hair removal, even under your arms, the use of topical anesthetic creams will most certainly take away you inhibitions on that matter. You may even find yourself looking forward to a laser treatment or a bit of full contact epilation now that the pain factor is removed.

The other side of the coin is that if the numbness is most distressing to you and the whole idea just makes you uncomfortable, you can just do what I do and that is use topical anesthetic creams every so often.

1). UberNumb (10 gm) 5% Lidocaine , Pain Relief Cream, Lidocaine Ointment, Numbing Cream

A girlfriend of mine does not have the same pain threshold that I do, and she’s been divorced twice.

So, I know, I sort of consider her a glutton for punishment but when it comes to laser hair removal she is not into that kind of pain. Or, at least according to her, it’s the worst kind of pain she has ever endured – childbirth included.

Relax Back And Smile – No Need To Endure Unnecessary Waxing, Laser or Tattoo Pain!

With this in mind I had to ask her ‘what were you thinking?’ when she proudly announced to me that she had planned to pluck her pubic area completely bare for a wild holiday somewhere tropical. I suggested something topical before the laser treatment and she balked. Twenty minutes into the session she was clawing at the walls in an attempt to escape what must have been a very painful time for her. I couldn’t resist rubbing it in when she told me as I remarked ‘I told you so.’

She Threw Her Purse At Me!!!

She threw her purse at me. Then she followed it with a number of choice words I am only sure I’ve heard one or two truckers use and promptly limped away from me in a huff. I was certain our friendship of a few years was over.

I sensed she didn’t like that I can give myself a laser treatment and barely flinch but I didn’t really tell her my secret. When the opportunity presented itself I confessed that I had used a topical lidocaine product. The one I was using at the time was known as UberNumb and came in a small 4-ounce tube.

She Thanked Me Afterwards For My Anesthetic Cream Recommendation:)

Well, she borrowed mine. Okay, she stole it from me in a feeble attempt to get even for my taunts and the next time I saw her she was completely tanned from a wild and crazy tropical getaway. She thanked me for the topical tip and we are once again the best of friends!

2). HempCaine Hemp Pain Relief Cream with 4% Lidocaine - 1000mg Topical Pain Cream

I will stress that when I first saw that this product was promoted as rapid acting and contained Hemp, it sort of scared me. I thought that if I accidentally sat on a tube I would be in some serious trouble. While I have no real problem with parts of my body being numb when I’m administering some kind of traumatic therapy to them (waxing or laser hair removal for example) I just wasn’t so sure of the idea of going numb in an instant.

I pictured a sleepover with some of the girls and some of the pranks that would be played with this magic tube of goo. I know, even I couldn’t resist the temptation of putting a small amount on the toilet seat just for kicks. But somehow I did resist.

The whole point of the fast acting numbing is primarily when HempCaine Hemp Pain Relief Cream is used as a anesthetic cream treatment for insect bites, burns, minor cuts and various other kinds of skin irritations.

Where it truly shines is when it is used in combination with a session of laser hair removal. I know, you probably didn’t see that coming but if you landed here at Best Lady Shavers by accident, you had to expect some chat about hair removal.

Here’s my proof about the versatility of HempCaine Pain Relief Cream 1000mg with 4% Lidocaine – : One of my girlfriends has been using this  anesthetic cream product for everything from treating insect bites, where it numbs the skin around the bite and prevents itching, to prepping her armpits and inner thighs for a laser hair removal session.

She actually keeps a tube in her first aid kit at home and I’ve considered getting one to do the same. If I had any criticism about this cream I would say I would like to see it available in a larger size otherwise it’s perfect in every other way.

 3). Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream for Painkilling, 2 Pack 2.7oz Max Strength Pain Relief Cream Ointment Anesthetic Gel

Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Creamis a pretty amazing maximum strength product for a lot of reasons. It acts in about 2-3 minutes by numbing wherever you rubbed the gel.

Non Oily Formulation

Another thing I like about this product is that it is a translucent, non-oily clear gel. This wins in my book because with some creams and lotions you need to do a bit of extra rubbing in order for them to absorb enough into your skin to not look like a white patch of goo smeared across your (wherever you used it). That being said, this gel is quick to absorb, and as I mentioned, numbs the region it was applied to in a matter of minutes.

Play A Cheeky Prank….

This is the product I should have used as part of my toilet seat prank, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Partly due to the fact that if you prank the wrong person, they could do something absolutely horrible with numbing cream in order to get even. I’d hate to even cross that line.

2.7 oz of Numbing Cream

Secondly, the Ebanel tub contains 2.7 oz of the topical numbing gel. In real world measurements that is plenty of product to numb more than half of one bum in the toilet seat prank.

Enough about the pranking! Let’s look at what this product can do in the purpose it was created. The gel is rated highly by users simply because of the fact that it absorbs and works really quickly in 2 – 3 minutes.

Where this product gains a lot of marks is for the same reason I listed – the  amount of product for what it costs. It’s a good sized tub, perfect for a few applications, depending on the area to be covered of course. I’m thinking enough to numb half dozen bums would be enough to last a while when being used as part of a laser hair removal treatment.

4) Numb25 Lidocaine 5% Topical Numbing Cream, Max Strength 4.38oz Painkilling Anesthetic Ointment Rub

There are a lot of ways to use topical anesthetic creams. If you were ever one of my roommates after college, and there were quite a few, you will know I found some creative ways to use this product that did not appear on the label.

But let’s stick to the label on this one. I will tell you that the Numb25 Lidocaine Anesthetic Cream is off the chart simply because it contains the highest concentration of lidocaine allowed without a prescription.

What does that mean? Well, it simply means this is a tub jam packed with the most ultimate numbing cream known to mankind and allowed by law this side of the pharmacist’s notepad.

This powerful combination is superior in fighting all kinds of pain where a topical application can lull it to sleep. Depending on what you are treating and the severity of the pain, you can have the pain dulled from anywhere between 1 to several hours. And it works in 20 minutes!

I know a girl from work who got herself a cute little lizard tattoo. It covered parts of her arm and disappeared somewhere around her back. She used Numb25 Anesthetic Cream and told me the numbing effect helped ease the pain from the tattoo to the point she was sleeping all night and dreaming about dancing lizards. She never indicated if any of them were feeling the effects of the numbing cream but I suspect they were. Hmmm, now that I think of it, I don’t think it was a lizard. I think the tattoo was of a gecko.

With this in mind, I would say it would be as effective when used as part of a hair removal treatment but strongly suggest reading and following the instructions. Remember, this is a highly concentrated product so expect some heavily concentrated results.

Topical Anesthetic Creams Do Work: Girls, There Is NO Need To Suffer Pain!

Really, why suffer Pain?? You don’t need to with so many different types of topical anesthesia and I strongly suggest going and grabbing yourself one of these over the counter tubes of topical anesthetic creams for  pain free delight. Really, truly, trust me, I am a wimp when it comes to pain in case you haven’t gathered and I like Life to be a pleasant experience , whatever it may be….

Yours Truly In Pain Freeness,


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