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Welcome To My Reviews Of the best Hair Removal Methods For Women Out There!

Hello Ladies,

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. When I look in the mirror I still see that shy sixteen year old girl frightened to plug in an electric epilator because of how it vibrated in my hand. It wasn’t until I hit college and started hanging around with other girls in my dorm that I discovered how shaving my armpits and legs made me feel. Or how it made the boys in school suddenly notice me.

Since that time I’ve grown fond of all kinds of shaving implements. I have used just about any possible shaving tool in existence and own drawers full of them. It’s not a collection, either. It’s an obsession for me to try to discover the best shave a girl can get whether from a safety razor, electric or cordless razor or from an epilator. Hint: all of these do the job and depending on why you need that close shave (daily routine, night out, party or just to look pretty) there’s a different tool for each and every job.

Electric Razors, Safety Razors, Home Laser Systems, Epilators, Disposable Razors….Which One For Me…?

I’m going to tell you about each of them and share a review with some specific details and explain features found on them. I want to save you the embarrassment I suffered growing up not knowing why I should shave this or that. I want to share with you why you should embrace your inner beauty and enhance your outer beauty with a nice close shave. I want to boost your confidence sharing tips and stories with you that should make you laugh, nod your head in agreement and push you out the door to try a different kind of shave.

Do You Want The Smoothest Silkiest Skin?

My goal is to help you discover the best way to get smoother, silkier skin to match your lifestyle whether you’re active or a bit on the lazy side like me. I want to teach you all you need to know about shaving tools so you can look your boyfriend, husband, roommate or brother in the face and say, “My razor does a better job than yours” and actually be able to back that up by telling them why.

So, ladies, are you with me on this? Let’s find ourselves the closest shave possible…